# Releases

You can find what changes, features and bug fixed into some specific version here. we are also providing guide to upgrade from old version to newer version.

# Release Notes

# v3.3.0

# Features
  • About us card CRUD added into home settings (Manage landing page content)
  • Manage Landing page content from Home settings
    • Hero image title
    • Hero image description
    • About us text
    • Genres text
    • Popular books text
# Enhancements
  • On settings page show logo/favicon icon at a time after selecting it
  • Composer dependencies are updated

# v3.2.1

# Enhancements
  • Email will now accept any domains other than .com
    • e.g me@mitul.me
  • When admin user will logged out, it will be redirected to admin login screen. instead of landing page.
# Fixes
  • Fixed: When user update anything in Profile, then next time when trying to login, saying no user/password match

# v3.2.0

# Enhancements
  • Make pages fully responsive
  • Email verification column added into members module at admin side
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.37 to to6.18.40
  • Email and name icon added into Registration, login, forgot password screen
  • Currencies are refactored with new icon
  • Zip code now only allow to enter number only
# Fixes
  • Fixed: blank screen issue while editing member from admin
  • Fixed: pagination issues

# v3.1.0

# Features
  • Export Books Support added
  • Export Book Circulation Support added
  • Following Commands added :
    • Send Book due reminder before one week to admin and member
    • Send Book is due reminder on due day to member
    • You have to set scheduler. which manage the all crones. you can check more about it here (see "Starting The Scheduler Topic")
    • You can find docs here to setup cron on cPanel.
# Enhancements
  • New filer Overdue and Reserved Due added on book circulation tab
  • New Currencies Support added
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.31 to to6.18.37
# Fixes
  • Fixed: Responsive Issues

# v3.0.1

# Fixes
  • Fixed: Unauthorized error while login
  • Fixed: Book search issue on responsive screen
  • Fixed: Removed the un-used APIs call from landing page

# v3.0.0

# Feature
  • E-book items support added
# Enhancements
    • Laravel version updated from 6.18.22 to to6.18.31

# v2.3.1

# Fixes
  • Return status code 401 instead of 500 when token is invalid
  • Redirect to login screen when status code 401 received

# v2.3.0

# Enhancements
  • Laravel Sanctum added for authentication
  • JWT package removed
  • ISBN length validations added
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.20 to 6.18.22
  • npm dependencies updated

# v2.2.0

# Features
  • Books Export/Import Support added
  • Setting to send book due mail before given days
  • Cron job added to send book due mail
  • Send book due mail from book history when book is due support added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.6 to 6.18.18

# v2.1.0

# Features
  • Book Circulation Archive Support Added
  • APIs for Mobile App added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from v6.17.1 to 6.18.6
# Fixes
  • Fixed failed test cases

# v2.0.0

# Features
  • Penalty Management Added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from v6.15.1 to 6.17.1
  • Change empty state message when no records found
  • Change no search records found message

# v1.6.0

# Features
  • Member language switcher added
# Enhancements
  • Composer version updated from v6.14.0 to 6.15.1

# v1.5.1

# Enhancements
  • Composer version updated from v6.9.0 to 6.14.0
  • Removed password field from edit member screen
  • Logged in user can not be deleted
  • Change the current year in footer

# v1.5.0

# Features
  • Book Item Delete Support Added
# Enhancements
  • Composer packages updated
  • Member modals (create/update) converted to screen
  • Make book item price to optional

# v1.4.0

# Features
  • File upload with S3 storage driver
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.8.0 to 6.9.0
  • Change password option added into member panel
  • Change password option added into admin panel
# Fixes
  • Image path change at everywhere due to S3 support added
  • Fixed: Activation email not send while creating activated member/user
  • Multi-language support added for label - Max Issue Books/Reserve Books Limit inputs label

# v1.3.1

# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.7.0 to 6.8.0

# v1.3.0

# Features
  • Testimonials CRUD added in admin panel
  • Dynamic testimonials listing in landing page
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.6.0 to 6.7.0
  • Member registration message changed
# Fixes
  • Error MemberRepositoryInterFace not found fixed
  • Fixed password reset screen redirect issue

# v1.2.0

# Features
  • Member Registration Support added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.3.0 to 6.6.0
  • Approve book request's enhanced by adding status related validations
    • e.g Available Request not allow to edit.
  • Test cases added for book request status change validations.
  • Email verified support added for members
  • Send verification email when new Member/User is registered
  • Member/User not allow to login without verifying email
# Fixes
  • Redirect to admin login page when user enter given url : /#/app/admin

# v1.1.0

# Features
  • Show book cover in full screen implemented
  • Ability to change content of landing page including :
    • facebook, twitter, github, linkedin links
    • contact phone and contact email
    • website
# Enhancements
  • Settings menu moved under "CMS"
  • Un-Reserved books command added to scheduler
  • Currency now showing with Currency Code in Settings e.g Indian Rupee (INR)
# Fixes
  • Pagination issue fixed while filtering records
  • Redirect to login page when try to access routes without login
  • Fixed console errors on setting page